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n industry ass▓ociation criticizes Trump's new tariff on Chinese impor▓tsGerman industry association criticizes Trump's new tariff on Chinese imports08-04-2019 17:28 BJTIn the end, there will only be losers.Trade conflict between U.S. and China is hurting econ▓

omies around the world, says German industry asso▓ciation BDI.BERLIN, Aug. 3 -- The German industry association BDI has criticized the new U.S. tariff on Chinese imports as "worrying" for the entire global economy."It is worrying how the U.S. gover▓nment is goin

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e U.S. government continued to fuel the conflict ▓with China.U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on T▓hursday that he will place an additional 10 percent ta▓riffs on the remaining 300 billion U.S. dollars worth of Chinese imports starting on Se▓pt. 1

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